New details on Konami’s XBLA game, Beat’n Groovy

Have you ever played Pop’n Music? This Konami Bemani game has a following in Japan, where nimble fingered gamers mash buttons in arcades to the beat of insanely fast music (shown above). But not so much in the US, where we’d rather be at home playing Rock Band or Guitar Hero. American “poppers” are usually stuck importing the Japanese Pop’n games, but Bemanistyle has some news on an upcoming console version.

It seems that a US version will be called Beat’n Groovy, and will be a Konami published Xbox Live Arcade game. An anonymous source tells Bemanistyle that this new game plays like Pop’n, but will use the Xbox 360 controller instead. Think Boom Boom Rocket, except a bit more Japanese and kawaii.

There will be three modes of play: Arcade, Versus and Endless. There will be both 3-button and 5-button modes, with nine levels of difficulty. The game starts with nine songs, but others may be unlockable. Use of the Xbox 360 Camera was also mentioned.

Are you a “popper” or not? Is this something you’re looking forward to? Will this make for a good XBLA game?

Dale North