New details on Europe’s SingStar and SingStore

Europe is preparing for the December 7th release of SingStar for the PS3, and some new details of the game and the related downloadable content service, SingStore, have been uncovered.

The SingStore service will be integrated in the game, meaning that you’ll never have to leave the title to purchase new content. Songs will download in the background as you continue to belt out the hits. The pricing for individual song downloads from SingStore will be priced at GBP 0.99 or EUR 1.49 (about $2), and Eurogamer says that 44 additional tracks will be available for download at launch.

The game alone on Blu-ray disc will be priced at GBP 24.99 (about $50), and a package with two microphones will be priced at GBP 49.99. The game will include 30 songs.

God help us: the game is compatible with the PlayStation Eye (and other USB cams), and it allows wannabes to upload pictures and performances of their living room karaoke My SingStar Online. They’ll later be embarassed to find out that their drunken warblings have been viewed and rated at — keep those pants on, folks.

As far as the US goes, the last we heard, Sony was working on licensing issues, and no US release date has been set yet. It seems that the game is ready, but the downloadable content isn’t yet.

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