New details for Silent Hill V emerge from the fog

New details have surfaced regarding the current-gen sequel to Konami’s infamous Silent Hill series, Silent Hill V. The biggest news is that the flashlight and radio static will be returning to the series, despite being disposed of in Silent Hill 4.

Light is set to play a more key role in this game, with enemies reacting to light sources and a puzzle involving an X-Ray viewer and nurse demons promising to amp up the scares. While this could prove to be very interesting, it reminds me of the so-so Silent Hill movie, and leads me to believe, once again, that this game is using the film as way too big a source of inspiration. It already looks just like the Hollywood version, and if nurses are attracted to light, it’ll play just like it too. Thankfully, that nurse scene was the best part of the movie.

Silent Hill V will move away from preset camera angles, giving you full control of the visuals. Furthermore, the game will include button tapping puzzles along the same vein as God of War. One example has been provided of using these rhythm-lite actions to loosen the straps on your gurney. Sounds like a typical evening at Ron’s place.

Rounding up the details, there is word that you will suffer from in-game injuries that need to be tended to, lest they affect gameplay later down the line. While interesting, Metal Gear Solid 3 also introduced an injury system and I found it very dull, breaking the gameplay up more than was needed. If the new dev team can incorporate this wound tending system in a manner that doesn’t kill one’s immersion, then I’m all for it. That’s going to be hard to do, though.

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