New Destiny update features sword vendor, return of Iron Banner

And a few other bits

In addition to the refer-a-friend program, a few other updates are coming next week for Destiny. For starters Lord Shaxx will sell the three legendary swords, just in case you did something with them. Also, players will be able to buy weapon parts from the Gunsmith finally, and the Quiver glitch will be fixed for Hunters, enabling the talent again.

Iron Banner will be returning, and hopefully it won’t be as broken as last time. It will switch to Clash, and reputation gains are increased by 20%, more packages can be obtained, and the rewards are said to be better as a whole. We’ll see.

In all, a lot of people I play with have moved on from the game and into other shooters — I typically only log in on Tuesdays to do the hard mode Oryx raid. I wonder what Bungie has up its sleeve to keep people interested down the road, because it doesn’t look like we’re getting anything in December outside of some class re-balancing, and those raid challenges still haven’t hit yet.

Bungie Weekly Update – 11/12/2015 [Bungie]

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