New Dementium trailer baffles and amuses

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I can’t wait to play Dementium: The Ward. I’ve had high hopes for the horror shooter for a good while now, and after Hamza’s impressions from EIEIO were largely favourable despite a couple of niggles, my desire to be blowing the faces off zombies through my DS has continued to grow. This new trailer though, boggles me. I just can’t pin down what mood they were going for with it at all.  

It starts out well enough. Creepy music? Check. Zombie with spikey things sticking in its eye sockets? Check. Close-up face shot of a goofy-looking Asian guy? Che.. What!? At that point it goes slightly awry. I can’t shake the feeling that the producers of the trailer had a boatload of things they wanted to throw into it, but only realized very late in the editing that they had but 36 seconds to work with.

As a result, the tone’s all over the place, going straight from creepy gameplay footage to increasingly funny, googly-eyed “reaction” shots of actors pretending to look terrified, – seriously, if you want people to look convincingly scared, I find just throwing a large spider at them during filming never fails – to an blood-spattered “money shot”, back to creepy atmospherics and then onto an thumping ’80s horror movie style round-off.

Am I supposed to be scared? Laughing? Raising an eyebrow and stroking my beard thoughtfully at the post-modern dissection of the horror genre in front of me? What? In truth the second of that list was my predominant reaction, but I’ll let it go given how much I’m looking forward to the game. I guarrantee I won’t look like these people when I play it though. 

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