New Deca Sports trailer and screens have inspired me!

“Everybody, move your body body body body …” Damn it, the song is starting to grow on me … Here we have the latest trailer and screens for Deca Sports. The trailer shows off some of the games you’ll be able to play such as Soccer, Badminton and Archery. The game will finally be dropping in a couple of weeks on May 13th for the reasonable price of $29.99. 

Going a little off topic here, this trailer has really inspired me. Sure, I’ve seen plenty of Wii ads before but this one was really inspired me. Maybe it was because of the music, but I really want to be one of the douche bags that are used in making these Wii ads. I really want to be in one of these ads, jumping up and down, waving my arms around with a gigantic goofy grin on my face.

You know what? I think I will do something about this. Stay tuned …

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