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Dead by Daylight skins launched for Resident Evil stars Jill, Ada, and William Birkin

Still waiting on that Annette comeback…

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Stalk ‘n’ slasher Dead by Daylight is getting set to celebrate the suitably spooky Lunar New Year, and will do so via a new limited-time event, bringing with it new in-game decorations, a slew of limited cosmetic items, and brand new skins for its Resident Evil heroes Jill Valentine and Ada Wong.

The Resident Evil x LNY collection will give players the opportunity to bedeck Jill Valentine in her battlesuit, perhaps best remembered for its appearances in the Resident Evil Revelations series, while Ada Wong takes a trip back in time for her iconic split-legged cocktail dress and heels combo, which the sultry spy wore for her debut appearance in 1998’s Resident Evil 2, and is easily the most iconic of her looks to date.

Speaking of which, in addition to these new outfits, a new skin for killer “The Blight” will see it transform into the warped and tragic visage of Dr. William Birkin, the Umbrella scientist responsible for the creation of the devastating G-Virus, who ultimately succumbs to its own horrifying mutations. While most of the Lunar New Year cosmetics are time-limited, these three skins are permanent additions to the Dead by Daylight catalog.

Aside from the Resident Evil content, Dead by Daylight will also be celebrating the Lunar New Year with the new Moonlight Burrow event. This will see the realm decorated in creepy, rabbit-themed iconography, while affording players boosted Bloodpoints and themed rewards. Be sure to keep an eye out for the returning Red Envelopes, which will feature a variety of rare prizes and in-game bonuses. For full details on this new event, check out Behavior Interactive’s official blog… Or Look to la Luna.

Dead by Daylight: The Moonlight Burrow is now live on PlayStation, PC, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

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