New data claims that Nintendo Switch has sold 1.5 million worldwide

They were aiming for two million by the end of March

We had cold hard sales data from Japan, but now Switch estimates from the rest of the world are pouring in.

According to the firm SuperData, Nintendo has sold 1.5 million Switch systems worldwide. That number basically lines up with their estimates, which hope to push two million units by the end of March. Breaking that down further, roughly one third of the sales came from the US, 360,000 were from Japan, and Europe was a close third.

In a non-shocking tidbit of extra news, the Zelda attach rate is estimated at a whopping 89%, meaning nearly every Switch owner bought the game. These are just estimates, but since Nintendo has stated repeatedly that they’re happy with how the Switch is selling worldwide, you can probably bet a “we achieved our two million goal” announcement by the end of the month.

As a reminder, the Wii U hit 13.56 million in sales from November 2012, until it was canned in early 2017. It sold less than 900,000 units in its first six weeks.

Nintendo Switch has sold 1.5m worldwide – SuperData []

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