New Crash Bandicoot developer celebrates 25 year anniversary, says ‘we’ll see more of you soon’



We’re not that far removed from Crash 4, but we are quite a ways away from the debut of Crash Bandicoot on PlayStation. 25 years removed, actually! Yikes, time flies.

Developer and current steward of the franchise Toys for Bob is celebrating with a few bits of media, including a historical rundown blog as well as a new studio video.

The clip is extremely short, and features Paul Yan and Avery Lodato, co-studio heads at Toys for Bob. As they muse on the first time they saw Crash Bandicoot in action, we get a montage of games both old and new (alongside a complete and utter lack of Crash Bash in video form); and a tease.

At the end of the video, Yan says:

“Thank you for loudly demanding to see more of your favorite Bandicoot. We couldn’t have gotten here without your love and support for this franchise, be sure to follow the Crash Bandicoot and Toys for Bob accounts on social for the latest news.”

Then Lodato follows that up with:

“Happy 25th anniversary Crash, we’ll see more of you very soon.”

“Very soon” eh? The blog also provides a further hint, noting: “Join in on the fun as we look back at a quarter century of Crash and offer a glimpse of things to come.”

Well it’s either a new entry like Crash 5, a spinoff featuring a new character (Crash 4‘s multi-character conceit kind of teed this up), or another remaster/remake. The list on the blog announcement could be a clue as to what they could hit next.

Chris Carter
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