New controls for No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise

Thanks to the Japanese television magic that is the inset box, you can see how the new controls for the high-definition port of No More Heroes will control.

There will be analog stick pushing (R3 and L3) for some moves like grappling. You’ll follow up with directional pushes according to what is displayed on the screen. That’s about as close as you’ll get to waggle here, save for maybe swinging the analog stick around to fend off baddies. In the video you’ll see many more examples of how moves and commands have been mapped. They seem a bit lifeless in comparison to the original, but what can you do.

Watch a pro wrestler get winded mashing buttons for weightlifting in the gym. At the end of this 6 minute clip, after a boss battle, it looks like the poor guy is sweating!

No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise Revised Controls Demoed [Siliconera]

Dale North