New Civilization VI update brings Australia DLC and Steam Workshop

Dennis can now play!

One of the most-requested features for Civilization VI will soon be upon us. In an upcoming free update, Steam Workshop support will be going live alongside some new team options and the Australian Civilization DLC. While I’ve sunk more time than I care to admit into the core game, finally having official mod support will be huge for the longevity of Civ VI. It did wonders for Civilization V, which I still occasionally play to this day.

As for the new DLC, this marks the first time Australia is officially in a Civilization game. Australia will feature John Curtin, Prime Minister of the country during World War II. Firaxis also detailed some of the unique units and buildings that Australia will have, including “The Digger” and “The Outback Station.” Looks pretty neat.

While I think Civilization VI is great, I haven’t actually purchased any of the additional content. I think $5 for a single civilization and scenario is a bit much. Still, I’m sure there will be plenty of people happy that Australia is now finally in the beloved franchise, even if they are locked behind a paywall.

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