New cheat tool for PS3 coming from Code Freak makers

The Code Freak people, Cybergadget, have announced a new cheat device for the PS3 in Japan. They don’t call it a “cheat device,” but we all know what they’re doing over there. This “walkthrough tool” will cost 7,800 yen and will come with cheats for 50 titles. 1UP says that more codes can be downloaded via PC. They say that the new model is coming to Japan this winter.

Among the games listed are Final Fantasy XIII and Demon’s Souls. Demon’s Souls? Hell, I need it most for that game. I’d love to punish that game back for all the hell it gave me. In the examples on their webpage it says that you can set it up so that you have 99,999 hit points and 99,999 magic points. 

Those interested should note that the recommended PS3 firmware is 3.41. That’s an old one!

Dale North