New Castlevania pachinko game teased with ‘erotic violence’

Somehow I’m not surprised

Pachinko is pretty popular in Japan, as it is used mostly as a form of gambling, and now it is about to have a new Castlevania-themed machine that somehow features “erotic violence.” Yeah… gross. I’m all for scantily-clad characters, I really am, but can’t we be equal about it? These dudes have on far too much clothing to be considered erotic.

Also, using the term “erotic violence” to describe basically anything just seems distasteful. I mean I guess that is something you could call BDSM, but what about balls hitting pegs and going into holes for huge loads of prizes or cash sounds like BDSM to you?

Konami making new Castlevania Pachinko feat. EROTIC VIOLENCE [NeoGAF]

Jed Whitaker