New Castle Crashers trailer is more interesting than playing Paperboy

Look at what we have here — a new trailer for The Behemoth’s Xbox Live Arcade title, Castle Crashers!

Since the game actually looks fun and completely unique, that means it’ll probably take nine months to get certified for Live Arcade once it’s complete. If it were something like Paperboy 5: Paperboy in Space, on the other hand, we’d be playing it by next Wednesday (with gamer pictures and a theme to match).

Seriously, it’s hard to imagine we’ll see this game anytime in the near future. The Behemoth’s other XBLA arcade title, Alien Hominid HD, was rumored to have been done and ready to go since last year. So I’ll say it, but I don’t believe it — the game is currently scheduled to be released in Q2 of this year.

In the meantime, amuse yourself by playing the worst Flash game ever. At least it’s better than what came out on XBLA this week.

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