New Carnival PSP unboxing video, pictures

Yesterday was the launch of the Carnival line of PSP colors in Japan. We told you about these earlier, and then showed you a silly commercial later. Two more colors joined two others launched earlier this month to make the full Carnival PSP-300 lineup: Radiant Red, Vibrant Blue, Bright Yellow, and Spirited Green. We’ve picked up a new Spirited Green one and ripped it open in the video below the jump.


These new systems have a damned good paint job. These look like automobile paint. To my eye they look much better than the PSP-3000s that hit the U.S. Do they still have that scanline issue that the other PSP-3000s have? I don’t know. I haven’t had an issue with the few games I’ve tried, but then again, I kind of doubt that Sony has changed out the screens here. If you have beef with that issue, I’d say hold off until they release that rumored PSP-4000 or whatever. Otherwise, if you’ve been needing a new PSP, these new ones look really great.

Check out our unboxing after the jump.

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