New Borderlands 3 patch fixes a ton of nasty Mayhem 2.0 bugs

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So Mayhem 2.0 is here, and it should keep Borderlands 3 players pretty busy for a while.

In short, it’s a complete overhaul of the original endgame Mayhem system, with 10 difficulty levels in tow on various tiers that feature tougher enemies and better loot. But like any major upgrade for a big game these days, it came with bugs. The most recent April 30 hotfix aims to stamp a lot of these out.

According to Gearbox, when the system arrived on April 23, the userbase pretty much unanimously reported stability problems. The issue arose from “two resource intensive Mayhem modifiers,” which apparently borked the game as a whole: Boundary Issues and Drone Range.

The former was supposed to feature an elemental beam that attached to players when they were close to enemies, but ended up sticking around on the battleground and hogging resources. Drone Range gave enemies healing drones and also messed things up.

If you were having problems, grab the new hotfix and jump back in. You can find the full patch notes below, which also impact bugs from Guns, Love, and Tentacles.

Borderlands 3 Hotfixes [Gearbox]

April 30 hotfixes:

  • Adjusted the drop rate for Legendary items in Mayhem Mode
  • Adjusted the drop rates for Anointed gear in Mayhem Mode
  • Activated the Loot the Universe event on Promethea
  • Lowered the O.P.Q System’s secondary rate of fire to prevent stability concerns due to the Gunner’s ability to spawn an excessive number of drones
  • Addressed a reported concern that Badass Enemies in the Guns, Love, and Tentacles DLC were sometimes only dropping common and rare items
  • Addressed a reported progression blocker that could sometimes occur when enemies would fail to spawn during “Protect the Nibblenomicon”
  • Addressed a reported concern that The Amourettes would stand up and float when being defeated with the “Dominate” status effect during “The Horror in the Woods”
  • Addressed a reported stuck spot behind the wooden wall during the “The Shadow of Cursehaven”
  • Addressed a reported stuck spot on the pipes during “The Nibblenomicon”
  • Addressed a reported stuck spot on the right of the Amourette camp wall during “The Horror in the Woods”
  • Reduced the time between Moxxtails donations on the ECHOcast from 60 seconds to 30 seconds
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