New Blood Bowl trailer confirms that Chaos football speaks to me

Very much like Nick Chester, I can’t really bring myself to care about real football. However, once you start throwing the Warhammer world’s forces of Chaos into the mix, I start to give a sh*t.

Today’s new footage gives us a taste of what would happen if the Chaos Legion and the Empire forces faced off in a round of Bloodbowl, an old tabletop sports game from the legendary Games Workshop. I think it would definitely look a bit like the above. 

Admittedly, the last Games Workshop game I played was Warhammer 40K: Fire Warrior, but it was a pretty good FPS. Provided this game rips off a suitable football engine and adds in a load of comedy violence, I can’t see how Bloodbowl can go wrong. It looks like silly fun, and silly fun is why we’re here. 

Jim Sterling