New Blast Works trailer reveals multiple features


As a general rule, you never know if a new game will be any good until you’ve played it. No matter how great a game’s pedigree, how good it’s pre-release promotional material makes it look, or what the gaming press has to say about it in previews, any game could still dissappoint. Any game, except for Blast Works. If you have ever loved a 2D side scrolling shooter, you need to buy this game, case closed. 


For starters, Blast Works contains not one, not two, but four complete shooters in one package. More importantly though, Blast Works allows for literally endless levels of customization. If you buy this game and hate it, it’s your own fault for not designing an awesome enough ship and a level to play it in. I know the first thing I’ll be doing when this game drops on May 1st is make my flying Mr Destructoid “ship”, an ED-209 boss, (link NSFW due to extreme violence towards Mr Kinney), and a co-responding level for them to exist in. All my pent up deviant shmup fantasies will finally come to fruition. 

[Via Gametrailers]

Jonathan Holmes
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