New Beautiful Katamari screens, featuring the 7555km Katamari!

By way of Famitsu comes a slew of new screens of Beautiful Katamari, due out sometime this year (God, please, let it be sometime this year) on the Xbox360 and PS3. Bandai-Namco keeps upping the ante on them Katamari, don’t they? I fondly recall crapping my pants at the end of both Katamari Damacy and We Love Katamari  — ain’t nothing more satisfying than rolling up a world that once slapped you around and mocked your inch-high form with its… y’know, bigness. By the looks of it, Beautiful Katamari looks to take it about four thousand miles higher, thanks in no small part to the brute scaling power of next-gen hardware.

The screens are extremely low-res, so don’t expect to get a sense of any graphical improvement from ’em, but let’s be honest, here — we don’t play Katamari for the graphics, do we? So long as it looks like an acid trip, sounds like a cacophony of glee and plays like a dream, this’ll be a must-buy for gamers who enjoy their fun cranked to eleven. Hit the gallery for the goods.

Aaron Linde