New Baroque screenshots show dark, dungeony goodness

Atlus was kind enough to send along some new screenshots of the PlayStation 2 and Wii dungeon crawling action RPG Baroque.

Players work to gradually descend into Neuro Tower in search of absolution, fighting off some really f*cked up looking baddies along the way. Sounds like a winner, right? The first game images we saw late last year didn’t look so great, but that may have had more to do with the image size and capture method. but that didn’t stop me from being excited about this port. Luckily, these new screen captures look much better, and now I’m even more excited for this April 8th release. I was hoping to see more messed up monsters, though.

This pro-dying game (seriously!) of levels that constantly change as you slowly descend to the bottom of an evil tower isn’t going to appeal to everyone. But the ones that are down for this kind of thing should probably get a preorder in. You know how quick those Atlus games go, don’t you?

What do you think? Is Baroque your kind of thing? 

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