New Atlus game is Gungnir, coming June 12, 2012

Atlus had us play the guessing game to figure out what their upcoming title that started with a “G” would be. We guessed it a long time ago, but here’s the official confirmation.

Gungnir [how do you pronounce that?] is coming to the US on June 12, 2012. It comes from the awesome folks at Sting, makers of other fine titles like Yggdra Union and Knights in the Nightmare. Gungnir is a strategy RPG for the PSP, so it’s like they were thinking of me when they secured the publishing rights. I appreciate that, Atlus.

Atlus has put a new page up for Gungnir, so poke around there if you want a better idea of what we’re getting next summer. We also have some screenshots from the Japanese version in our gallery below.

It looks I’ll be playing this on my Vita. What about you? Are you ready for some Sting SRPG goodness?

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