New Atelier Rorona trailer is pretty, and perhaps suggestive

Well, nobody seems to know much about Gust’s new PS3-exclusive Atelier Rorona, except that it’s hard to say. Ro-ro-na. It’s like trying to say “Irish wristwatch” or “rural juror.” Go ahead. Try it.

Either way, Gust has released a new Japanese trailer (embedded after the jump): it’s all in Japanese, shows very little gameplay, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s the standard fare that fans of Japanese role-playing games have come to expect. Rorona, like the rest of the Atelier series, will be a turn-based affair with a heavy focus on alchemy and item synthesis, and it seems to be in full 3D. I don’t claim to be any sort of animé afficonado, but there’s something about the trailer’s art direction and style that I really enjoyed. As if I needed another 80-hour time sink.

Atelier Rorona is Japan-only for now, but Nippon Ichi Software America has a habit of releasing Gust titles in the US, and NIS Europe and Koei have been doing the same in the Old World. It will be out in Japan in June.

I asked Brad Rice to fill me in about whatever the hell was going on in the new trailer. He mentioned that the little girl is an alchemist trying to protect her “special place” that is going to be destroyed. That place could be her home town, a giant magical tree, or — given Japan’s obsession with sex — her maidenhead.


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