New Animal Crossing: New Horizons tool lets you create virtual island tours

Nook Inc. is branching into marketing

If you’ve had trouble getting people to visit your Animal Crossing: New Horizons island, Nintendo’s new tool might be just the thing you need.

Today, Nintendo launched the Island Tour Creator, a special website that lets you produce posters and trailers for your Animal Crossing island using screenshots and videos you’ve taken. Now all those beautiful gardens and perfect visualizations of rainy streets can be captured in a single video and shared on Twitter.

All you’ll need is some media to work with and a smartphone, though the screenshots and videos will need to be on your smartphone. Thankfully, the “send to smartphone” option has made this process much easier than it would have been before, and Nintendo included a handy tutorial for how to go through the process.

It’s now, somehow, been a full year since Animal Crossing: New Horizons debuted on the Nintendo Switch and became a bright light in an otherwise stressful and worrisome time. It became a simply massive game, and almost a facet of daily life; I shared turnip prices, went on tours, visited friends’ islands and attended social events through Animal Crossing.

I’ve since lapsed in playing and let my island fall to shambles, but maybe this new tool will be enough of an excuse to clean up, renovate, and get some new visitors on the island. Everyone’s welcome, except for that nightmare of a bunny.

Eric Van Allen