New Alan Wake trailer coming … but only if you live in Finland

Alan Wake is a most curious phenomenon. So many gamers have gotten themselves interested in virtually … nothing. We’ve seen hide nor hair of Remedy’s game for two years, and even what we have seen has not proven very revealing.

On the subject of “not very revealing,” a new trailer is on the way for Alan Wake, but most of us won’t be allowed to see it. Due to play during early screenings of the Max Payne movie, this limited run will only be available in Remedy’s homeland of Finland. You get nothing, son. 

If you are planning to be in Finland on October 15, you could always try and catch the special screening where it shall debut, or alternatively wait until October 17 and catch it as it plays through Max Payne‘s opening weekend.

This is a silly idea, if you ask me. I think it’s building some unnessecary hype for a game that’s been silent for too long. It’s practically a given that this will get leaked onto the Internet, but then what? People will get overexcited and start expecting Alan Wake to be the second coming. When will studios learn about the dangers of hype?

James Stephanie Sterling