Nevermind: No Halo 3 content planned post-ODST

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Whoops. Quit rejoicing Halo 3 fans. Bungie are not planning any additional Halo 3 content after the release of Halo: ODST.

“We’ll never say never, but currently Bungie has no plans to make new Halo 3 content beyond the release of ODST,” Bungie recently told Eurogamer. “We will, however, continue to support the Halo 3 online experience with regular updates to matchmaking playlists and wield the Banhammer as needed.”

During a panel at GDC this week, producer Allen Murray crushed the assumption that the ODST spin-off would signal the end of Halo 3’s content when told the audience in attendance, “We’ll probably be working on [Halo 3] for two more years.” Obviously, war things have changed. (Or he misspoke.)

Hey, at least there’s the Mythic map pack, right? That’ll be enough to keep you interested until Halo 4 ships.

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