Neverending Nightmares creeps its way to PS4 and Vita

A hell of a way to spend your commute

Soon you’ll be able to “enjoy” the traumatizing mental hellscape of Neverending Nightmares on your PS4 and Vita. The indie horror game was originally released on the PC in 2014, featuring gorgeous Edward Gorey inspired art, a disturbing atmosphere, and some tedious repetition.

Thankfully, creator Matt Gilgenbach, who poured many of his own personal demons and neurosis into the game, is addressing some of those issues with this port. On the PlayStation blog he says he and his team worked hard to make the PS4 and Vita versions “the best possible experience” and among the improvements, he mentions a reworking of the game’s branching story paths, making it easier for players to see all the content without slogging through entire areas again. As someone who spent more than enough time in the insane asylum ward trying to see everything for the review, I’m glad PS4 fans will be spared.

I liked Neverending Nightmares even though it had some fairly significant flaws holding it back. If you’re a horror fan who missed it on PC, it may well be worth checking out on the PS4. I gotta ask though, who is playing a game like this on the Vita? Diving into the disturbed psyche of a tormented man while crammed shoulder-to-shoulder on the train seems like exactly what I’m trying to avoid during the average commute.

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