Never fear, men: Geek Squad will help you to survive Sex and the City!

So, this weekend marks the opening of the Sex and the City movie. For those of you living under a rock, the popular TV series about four liberated ladies drinking and partying their way around New York was bound to be made into a film, and if you’re unlucky, your girlfriend/wife plans to drag you to it.

Gamers and Sex and the City fans don’t really strike me as a harmonious relationship match, but that’s not to say that many men won’t be forced to endure two hours of scripted cocktails for the sake of your woman’s happiness. Luckily, Geek Squad came up with a solution: they will be at selected theaters at midnight on the opening night of the film with quarters in hand, ready to distract you for the next two-and-a -alf hours with some good old fashioned arcade action. Now all you have to do is explain why you were in the bathroom for the duration of the entire film.

Clever plan, or will your other half chew you out for not sitting in silence and suffering? Hard to say, but it’s a pretty funny mission regardless … I’d love to see how many men leave in a mass exodus. Now let’s just hope these theaters have some solid arcade titles.

[Thanks, Alan]

Colette Bennett