Netflix’s multiple user interfaces explained

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Had the chance to check out Netflix on your PlayStation 3? Most likely the answer is yes. In that case have you had the chance to check out all three versions of it on your PS3? Whether you knew it or not there have been three UIs running on the PS3 since launch and some people found that a little odd, especially since they’d randomly land on one every time they booted up.

Chief Product Officer Neil Harris doesn’t find that odd at all. When asked about the multiple UIs for Netflix on the PS3 he simply answered that the company was trying to get it right, and the best way to do that is test a variety of options. Sound like a perfectly good answer to me, though being able to choose my favorite one would make it even better.

What have they learned from their UI testing? Something almost anyone could have told them from the start: simple is better.

Netflix executive reveals the method behind its multiple PS3 UI madness [Engadget]

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