Netflix shipping discs out to Wii owners now

In the quest to complete their triumvirate of power on the home console front, Netflix has taken the next step of getting their software into Wii users’ hands. The online rental behemoth has shipped out discs containing the software to get Nintendo’s little-white-box-that-did hooked up to the Watch Instantly service.

Not everyone is getting theirs right away, though. Only select members have had discs shipped to them as a testing run. The rest of us will get our discs when they’re damn good and ready to give them over, which will probably be in the next couple of months but Netflix hasn’t confirmed an exact launch date. If you want to be ready when that magical day arrives, you can order a disc from Netflix here.

I’m going to get one. My parents got a Wii for Christmas that they aren’t doing anything with and I’d really like to give my mother the opportunity to use her Netflix subscription for more than one movie a month. Anybody else have plans to use this, or do you already have enough options for streaming flicks?

Wii Netflix Streaming in ‘Final Phase,’ Discs Shipped to Some Members [Industry Gamers]

Conrad Zimmerman