Netflix locks in a director and writer for its BioShock film adaptation

Netflix signs on some notable talent for the underwater story

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The BioShock film adaptation has found its director and scriptwriter. Netflix confirms today that I Am Legend director Francis Lawrence will be the BioShock director, with a script written by Michael Green.

Lawrence has a pretty solid list of action-thrillers on his resume, including I Am Legend and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Meanwhile, Green has penned scripts for LoganBlade Runner 2049, and American Gods.

These two will be tackling a live-action adaptation of the BioShock franchise. It’s unclear which parts of that franchise will be adapted, but the Big Daddy is featured in Netflix’s promos so far. It seems like an underwater venture seems like a safe bet.

 Would you kindly pass the remote?

Netflix also announced some more news for its ongoing video game adaptations, locking in The Umbrella Academy showrunner Steve Blackman for the development of its Horizon Zero Dawn series. Alongside Castlevania, Tekken, and more, that’s a lot of adaptations for Netflix.

And there are even more if you take a look around the entertainment industry. Sony is heavily developing several different projects, including reports of Days Gone and Gravity Rush movies. Sonic the Hedgehog is doing well at the box office.

Basically, get ready for a lot of video game adaptations. It seems like the dam is open, and they’re all going to flood in soon. At the very least for the BioShock film, this is a good pairing of writer and director. I’ve enjoyed a good chunk of their previous work, and they seem like a pairing that could tackle something like BioShock in an interesting way.

And hey, this news plus the recent 15th anniversary make for a good excuse to revisit BioShock. Here’s hoping we get to see a Big Daddy on the screen soon.

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