NES Sneaks = sex in shoe form

Destructoid has always been a patron of the underground art community. Annually, we fund 3 or 4 fingerpainting competitions for underprivileged kids, and we totally made out with PJ Harvey at a party once.

Just last week we were having lunch with Sam Flores and Vincent Gallo, and we commented that there was a severe lack of Nintendo themed footwear. Of course Sam said something completely unintelligible, but that’s Sam for you.  After giggling awkwardly, Vincent provided the link to the pair of gorgeous sneakers that you see above.

Designed by the Sneakerpimps (no, not the mid-90s electromod group), these kicks were part of an exhibition in Baltimore, that also featured the other shoes you saw on the linked page, though it’s easy to tell which ones we want to make sweet, forbidden love to. Click on the thumbnails below to zoom in:

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