Nerdy Legos from Tokyo University’s Lego Club

There’s a Lego Club?! Where do I sign up?

Francesco sent in a tip pointing us to his gallery of pictures taken at the the Toudai University Festival in Tokyo last week. It was there that he spotted the creations of the university Lego Club. All of these words are delightfully nerdy. You’ll find that they’re all inspired by videogame and manga characters. In the mix you’ll find Hatsune Miku (of course), Touhou stuffs, Yotsuba stuffs, and Don from Taiko no Tatsujin (Taiko Drum Master).

As you’ll see in our gallery, some of these are insanely intricate. The backwards Legos that are layered to form a skirt blow my mind. So does the huge QR code made with black and white Legos.

You can see more at Hobbymedia.

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