Nerd Alert: DC Universe Online trailer describes Doomsday ‘case’

Man, Doomsday needs to see a dentist. Sony Online Entertainment recently released a new video (available after the break) for their MMO, DC Universe Online. In it, the developers and designers talk about the game’s mission system, focusing on a “case” that deals with the capture of Doomsday — one of Superman’s many arch-nemeses. It also generally addresses how players can choose to either aid the blue-tighted loser seal away Doomsday, or join with Lex Luthor in order to use the big baddie for nefarious purposes.

The interplay between player and popular DC Comics faces isn’t subtle — the game revolves around the co-existence. Samit recently got his hands on a pre-alpha build of the title and described a meeting with Lex Luthor in more depth than what the video delves into.

DCUO hits the PlayStation 3 and PC later this year. There will be cross-compatibility and PS3 owners won’t be restricted to a controller; Mouse and keyboard has been confirmed.

Brad BradNicholson