Neon November: Ubisoft is giving away Blood Dragon later this month

There’s still time to grab Beyond Good & Evil

Ubisoft’s celebrating 30 years of existence by paying homage to the decade where it all started: The ’80s. Rex Colt is fighting the good fight by bringing his uniquely crude, neon-swathed carnage to PC free of charge this month. 

Ubisoft has been running a promotion since June where it gives away a new game every month. November has been designated as Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon‘s time to shine. There’s no mention of when it’ll actually be free, but it will probably be sometime around November 12; that’s when previous titles have started their gratis periods in their respective months.

For those who haven’t yet made good on the opportunity to nab October’s free game, there’s still time. Beyond Good & Evil is still available to download on Ubisoft Club. Note that these freebies run through Uplay, not directly through Steam.

In a way, it’s befitting that Blood Dragon is one of the games selected to mark Ubisoft’s 30 years in the industry. It’s patently Ubisoft at its most Ubisoft while also subverting expectations. A lot of the framework of Far Cry 3 was used (assets, systems, ideas) and that’s something the French publisher has come to be known for — a homogenization of its products. Blood Dragon was the rare occasion where more of the same didn’t necessarily feel like more of the same.

Ubi 30 [Ubisoft Club]

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