NeoGAF goes down due to staff walk out, sexual harassment allegations


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One of the things that made NeoGAF stand out from the crowd was its strict membership policy. Unlike more accessible communities like Destructoid, you couldn’t just sign-up for a NeoGAF account in a few seconds. Gaining the right to post on the site took time, and not everyone was allowed in. This exclusivity led to a razor sharp focus on the newest and most interesting game information, and a fierce loyalty from its staff. From the looks of it, that loyalty may have been tested for the last time.

Allegations of sexual harassment against NeoGAF owner Tyler ‘Evilore’ Malka have reportedly led at least 11 site modders and administrators to walk-out, leaving the site offline as of this writing. These allegations come after a 2012 post where Evilore self reported that he grabbed the ass of a woman that he did not know, without consent, “to show her that [he] wasn’t being taken advantage of”. It’s possible that Evilore will find a new team to replace his former staff, just like Harvey Weinstein may end up starting a new film production company, but it’s clear NeoGAF’s reputation will never be the same. 

NeoGAF goes down after sexual harassment allegations prompt admin/moderator exodus [PCGamesN]

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