Neo Steam launches today with new promo and more

Every MMO is a gamble in my opinion, regardless of who is behind its creation: a lot of them are pretty shabby clones of other MMOs. Neo Steam: The Shattered Continent, the first offering from Atlus’ online portal, looks pretty cool concept-wise though, and today marks the start of a campaign that allows players to get their first crack at the game.

Starting today and running through May 12th, Atlus Online will randomly distribute golden tickets to people who have joined the Atlus Online community. These will grant early access to the game. This will be the first of many promotions throughout the month of May. Everyone who has signed up and plays in the beta this month will also recieve a pair of the google you see above, which might be one of the coolest freebies I’ve ever seen. Nice work, Atlus Online!

If you haven’t signed up to register yet, you can go here to do so. I have no golden ticket in my inbox, but maybe one will appear today. I hope. There’s a new trailer after the jump if you’d like to see more about Neo Steam. I want to play a Pom!

Colette Bennett