Neo Atlas 1469 sails West for Nintendo Switch next month

Don’t fall off the edge of the planet!

ArtDink, winners of the Chris Moyse award for Cutest Company Name, have announced that map-making adventure title Neo Atlas 1469 will arrive in the West the same day it launches in Japan for Nintendo Switch.

The game sees players plot a course to discover the free world, setting sailing across our wonderful flat Earth. The unique game requires players to gather information from Admirals, some of which feature dubious, eyebrow-raising facts, in order to plot your voyage into the great unknown. The game has already seen release in Japan on the PS Vita, as well as being available worldwide on Steam.

But why listen to me when a Catgirl, of all the frikkin’ people, can demonstrate the game in action below?

Neo Atlas 1469 will be available to download from the Nintendo eShop on April 19.

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