Neighborhood in Spain names 12 streets after videogames

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The Arcosur neighborhood association in Zaragoza, Spain seems to have a geek on the staff. Antonio Almudi, president, says that over 80 percent of those asked voted in favor of videogame names for their streets. 

Now there’s twelve streets named after game characters. There’s a Mario Street, Space Invader Street, Final Fantasy Avenue and Tetris Square. Get it? Tetris Square? 

Referring to Mario Street, he said: “We wanted to be the first neighbourhood in the world which has dedicated a street to one of the most symbolic personalities of our modern culture.”  

Building is still ongoing, but the first street in the estate opened this past weekend. The Sun says that the neighborhood had an opening bash. They all dressed up like game characters, and a violin and cello duo performed the Mario theme.

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