Need My Nintendo Platinum Points quickly? Burn through Fire Emblem Heroes

It’s free, and you can get a few hundred platinum on auto-pilot

As you may have noticed, Nintendo is adding physical rewards to My Nintendo at a rapid pace: almost on a bi-weekly basis.

Most of them are in the 500-1000 point range, which is no problem for folks who have been sitting on points for ages, doing nothing with them (because there was basically nothing on offer!). But now that the tables have turned and you’ve picked up one reward, you may need to stock back up. Your secret weapon? Fire Emblem Heroes.

So I have all sorts of issues with Heroes overall (too simplistic, centered around gacha FOMO), but I do not have a problem with gaming it for easy Platinum. In all, you can get 5,400 Platinum from Fire Emblem Heroes at this time. Now that would require a ton of work and essentially beating the game: but if you need a quick fix of points, you can get a few hundred basically on demand.

Since Heroes is a free game, you can download it on your mobile device and connect it to your My Nintendo account. At that point you’ll be showered with a ton of in-game items and characters (which are designed to get you to gamble more for your favorites). Set them up, and ignore the monetization scheme.

Head into the prologue and then into the in-game settings menu to make some changes. Like the core games, you can switch off animations and generally make the game go faster. What you’re going to want to also do is turn on the option to automatically skip text when in auto-battler mode (auto-advance), then swap to auto-battler in the early stages.

Essentially, you can sit back and enjoy the story (or not), and then let the auto-battler function take care of the very easy trivial early fights. You’ll get around 100 Platinum every 10-15 minutes or so (awarded for clearing a chapter) depending on your speed as you cruise through each chapter. Once the energy (stamina) meter kicks in, shut off the game and wait for it to replenish: the process takes roughly eight hours. This isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon.

From there, the choice is yours. You can keep going and grind up more easy points until the game gets a little tougher: or you can quit, and “bank” the opportunity to earn points later when you need them. The reason you don’t necessarily want to clear the entire game and get all 5400 points today is because Platinum Points expire every six months. So set yourself up for success to earn them, but don’t pull the trigger just yet. Good luck!

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