Need for Speed: Shift getting real drifters to consult

If it was unclear from our previous writing on the subject, Need for Speed: Shift is a serious racing game and is going for a realistic drift racing feel. Ever since the game was announced EA has been pushing it as a realistic revamp of the Need for Speed franchise, and in our opinion it seems to be working out pretty well. Where is all this simulation racing coming from?

In the below video we discover that Vaughn Gittin Jr., a well known(?) drift racer, has been consulting on the game very heavily. He seems to be very excited about it, especially how much it actually feels like racing in a drift race. We’ll have to take his word for it for now, but the game does look fantastic and the drifting seems to be very fun, though I don’t see any blue sparks, which we all know is the natural result of drifting. Of course if you aren’t into simulation racing you can always switch over to NFS: Nitro on the Wii.

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