Need for Speed: Nitro screens have cars

Those of us unhappy with Need for Speed: Shift‘s shift to a more “realistic” style of racing and overall general crappyness might actually be looking forward to a Wii racer that isn’t developed by Nintendo as Need For Speed: Nitro bursts onto the Wii and DS. If our experience with the game is any indication it looks like another gaming company might have actually been able to master the the Wii steering wheel. It’s a complicated piece of plastic, evidently.

The images below show off some more of the plethora of licensed cars that the game features. These are the Class B cars and they include such awesome cars as the Porche Caymans S 2008 and a 1968 Corvette. I think those are awesome cars. I’m not entirely sure, which means that the game is most likely geared towards me! Three cheers for a lack of car knowledge and an inability to even remotely handle any game that drives like a real car! Plastic steering wheels and cartoonishly shaped vehicles are always going to get my vote.

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Matthew Razak