Need For Speed: NITRO customization options look neat

Earlier today, Grim mentioned that the groups tokidoki, Upper Playground and i am 8-bit were contributing art and tools for use in creating custom car designs in Need For Speed: NITRO. Now, EA has sent us over a trailer showing how all of that can come together for users who want to add a little bit of flash to their reckless endangerment violations.

The video gives an idea of what the tools are capable of. Paint shading as with an airbrush and logos are show for the cars. And you can take your tag design and splatter it all over the world as you drive through it, which makes for a pretty neat effect in gameplay.

I’m not the sort of guy who has a particular urge to customize my car in a racing game, but I’m not generally the guy who plays racing games either. I can see this as being a pretty cool way to pimp your ride if you’re really into that thing, though, and the options seem to have a lot of potential. Check out the video after the jump along with a few screens of profesionally created cars in the gallery.

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