Need a last minute Halloween costume? Check out this sweet Big Daddy helmet

Don’t want to drop some cash on a videogame-themed costume you’ll probably only wear once and then stash in your attic until your wife later donates it to charity because it “smelled funny”? There’s always Plan B.

But if you do feel like spending a fair amount of money (starting bid was $250) on something that can aid you in creating a truly kick-ass costume, take a look at this eBay auction:

The dome is made from an expanded poly foam like an ice chest it is 18 inches in diameter. Thats me it the pic and I am 6′ 2” to give an idea how big it really is. It is finished in a worn brass finish with the green patina and rust stains.

While the Big Daddy helmet is a good alternative to say, I don’t know, a Master Chief getup, it’s not like the auction is for a complete costume or anything. But hey, if you’ve got money to squander on BioShock memorabilia to satisfy some weird fetish, all the more power to you. What do the rest of you think? Is the helmet hot or not?

[Via Game|Life

Jordan Devore
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