Need a dispenser here: Team Fortress 2’s dispenser goes real on us

Gamers sure are a dedicated bunch of people, aren’t they? I have been a self-proclaimed Internet addict for years now, but projects such as the real-life Team Fortress 2 dispenser above never cease to amaze me.

According to the dispenser’s creator, who goes by the name of Drastisch, “it features a 15″ TFT display, a fire extinguisher, cupholders for two emergency beers (instead of ammunition), and three openable compartments.” Not too shabby, huh? Especially the part about beer.

But what does Drastisch store in those compartments, you ask? Why his modem, router, answering machine, and phone, of course! I think it’s neat he was able to not only build a kickass replica of an in-game object, but he made it functional, too.

[Via Shacknews]

Jordan Devore
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