Necropolis should be even better with friends

Let’s siege some dungeons

Since we last checked on Necropolis, the third-person action roguelike from Shadowrun Returns maker Harebrained Schemes, it gained four-person cooperative play. Why die alone when you can go down in flames with your dearest friends? Gentlemen, it’s time to make a blood pact.

But wait. There’s another morsel of news: Necropolis hits Steam on March 17, 2016.

Its combat emphasizes timing and positioning so, yeah, I’m looking forward to playing — especially now that co-op is confirmed. That’s a promising hook for this type of game. I just hope the procedural generation is good. Admittedly, my tolerance for roguelikes isn’t what it used to be.

Here’s a refresher. It’s a little dated now, but you’ll still get the general idea.

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