NECA to release Resident Evil: Archives series 2 in May

If you’re in the business of cluttering your desk with scary, geeky crap, keep your eyes on NECA’s REsident Evil: Archives Series 2 figures.

Hitting shelves at the end of May, there will be three figures in the series — Jill Valentine, the Hunter, and the Labcoat Zombie. I’m partial to the zombie — the crow pecking at the severed hand is a nice touch. You know, for the kids.

The 7″ scale figures are available for pre-order now, and NECA says you’ll be able to purchase these suckers by way of its Amazon storefront. Let’s hope the next series features a 24″ crow and severed hand set, because that’s clearly where the money’s at.

Resident Evil Archives Makes the Classics New Again! [NECA via Tomopop]

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