NECA reveals Kratos action figure mold, I cream my pants

NECA recently revealed (on their MySpace page, along with shirtless photos of themselves flexing in from of their sports cars) the mold for the official Kratos action figure. The figure is set be released in tandem with God of War 2 (which currently has a March 14th release date, according to more-reliable-than-people-would-like-to-think

I like toys. I have them all over my house. I’ll buy a 12″ Leatherface doll (complete with severed body parts in a bucket) and I’ll try to convince myself it’s for my eight-year-old stepson, when I know I’ll cuddle with it when no one is around.

I liked God of War, too. A lot. Probably played through it six or seven times. I drooled all over myself as security dragged me, kicking and screaming, away from the God of War 2 kiosk on the E3 show floor.

So let’s make this clear right now — I need one of these. Now. I fully expect one of you to buy me one.

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