NECA making BioShock toys, wants Brutal Legend next

NECA has a respectable track record when it comes to making toys based on videogames, so you’ll be glad to hear that they’re the chaps working on action figures based upon 2K’s critically acclaimed BioShock and its sequel. Shockingly, Big Daddies will be involved.

The Big Daddy Bouncer, Rosie, Big Sister, Little Sister and the playable Big Daddy from BioShock 2 have all been confirmed in the new line, along with a number of Splicers. Their release will be staggered, with waves of two at a time being launched. The first wave will arrive in October, to coincide with the game’s release. It’s been said that due to the size of the Big Daddy figures, they may cost more than regular NECA toys.

In other NECA news, the company has expressed interest in making Brutal Legend toys. They haven’t revealed anything outside of that, but I’m sure a fair few people would want to buy a figure based on Tim Schafer’s new game. If they make a figure of Lemmy, I am definitely in. 


Jim Sterling