NCsoft thinks PC gamers will eventually move to PS3

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Ever since this year’s E3 announcement at Sony’s press conference, there has been a steady stream of watercooler talk about what gamers can expect from NCsoft on the PS3. We know that an agreement has been made, and that NCsoft will produce several titles for Sony products. Apparently, NCsoft feels that PC gamers will eventually transition to the PS3, so this could explain why the company is backing Sony. 

NCsoft Europe boss Geoff Heath said, “I think there is a difference between PC and console players but there’s overlap as well.”

“Our view long term is that people who have traditionally only played on PC will actually now start transitioning to PS3. Once they figure out what PS3 does, I think that take-up will get greater and greater.”

It may still be to early to know if PC gamers will add PS3s to their MMO diets, but if anyone can catch their attention, NCsoft can. Titles like Lineage, City of Heroes, and Guild Wars already have many PC gamers glued to their screens, and something similar could bring them out to the living room with SIXAXIS in hand. 

We still don’t know exactly what NCsoft titles we’ll be playing. Heath hasn’t listed any titles yet, but Eurogamer says to expect three or four in the first batch. They are currently working with Sony to choose some of the many products (mostly MMOs) that NCsoft currently has in development.

[Via Eurogamer — thanks, Justin]

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