NCAA Football 10 gets multiple cover athletes

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Destructoid’s sports writer, Samit Sarkar, is actually checking out a bunch of EA Sports games today in New York City. Because of this, he’s not around to tell you about sports stuff, like Electronic Arts revealing the cover athletes for their upcoming college football title, NCAA Football 10. But I am.

Before I go any further, I should let you know that I hired Samit as our sports writer because I need someone to show me the difference between a football and a soccer ball. (It’s the colors, right?) EA’s not making it easy on me, either. Why? Every version features a different athlete, but one thing remains the same — I don’t know who any of these guys are. 

But here we go. The Xbox 360 version will feature former Texas Tech University wide receiver Michael Crabtree. The PlayStation 3 box will be graced by Brian Johnson, former quarterback for the University of Utah. The PlayStation 2 version will feature defensive end Brian Orakpo, of University of Texas fame, on the cover. And finally, the PlayStation Portable box has a picture of former University of Southern California quarterback Mark Sanchez, throwing a brown sack.

Also, the EA Sports press release mentions something about the “Sugar Bowl,” and I have no idea what that is. But I like candy, so whatever it is sounds good to me. NCAA Football 10 ships to stores on July 14; we’ll have a full preview (written by someone who knows what they’re talking about) soon.

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